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Tomasz Wróblewski

Grateful for the EU flag


Symbols can be dangerous, but obsessions giving them real meaning can be even more perilous. Lack of the the EU flag behind the Prime  Minister's Szydło speech-podium reached a status of anti-European declaration.

The Left-wing media sounded the alarm about PiS leading Poland out of EU, and “New York Times” and some other popular European newspapers anticipated wave of nationalism.

In their eagerness, they haven't checked how many European leaders use the background of their national colours, and are the blue flags really being taken of from the public buildings. But, since we're already in this media-shambles, let's give a thought to what does this flag symbolise today?

It has waved quite strongly recently, when President Hollande proclaimed France to be in a state of war, and asked all members for solidarity and participation in this war. The leaders, including our Minister of Defence, unanimously declared “Let's fight!”. Not without difficulties, but finally they succeeded in determining who is the enemy and who are friends in this war. Counting up the sabres – the European resources for the war – was more troublesome.

During past 20 years, western armies were preoccupied mostly by disarming themselves. Money were used to cover growing social needs and rescuing rotting banks and that fitted the European doctrine perfectly. A doctrine saying that civilisations on the highest level of development – such as united Europe – do not need primitive armed forces for solving problems. A wise law, good will and pricks of conscience are enough.

President Bush, with his tendency for armed interventions, was laughed at by the Euro-crates - “a pitiful example of a modern DonQuixotery” - as a former chief of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Joschka Fisher called him. European leaders still remember the 90's, and the US intervention in Balkans though. As primitive as they are “the cowboys would come and sort things out” if needed.

For half of a century US has been unceasingly sorting things out. It has hold a cover over this boiling melting pot by sending 300 thousand soldiers to Korea, 500 thousands to Vietnam, 50 thousands to save Kuwait – a tiny country most Americans never heard of, and without which European cars would never start their engines. And today, the President of France – of a country which not so long ago closed its airspace to American fighter-planes, because it found violence repulsive – pleads Washington to help them save civilisation.

130 victims of the attack is to be the end of the western world. During the II World War, 300 people died every day in France only, during the I World War 1,5 million of French died and no one threatened with the end of civilisation.

But it was a different France back then. Traditional, full of dignity, with deep and strong national feelings. With a mighty overseas army. With values, which have been efficiently disarmed during the European era of kind-heartedness. The dictatorship of political correctness not only has instilled pacifism in the young generation, but also has deprived French from taking responsibility for their country. To the point where they are not able to send 10 thousand ground troops to destroy what they believe to be the end of the blue-flag civilisation.

So what does EU flag represent today? Do you remember the Malta summit? Yes, the one which was supposed to cause us such a shame, because the Prime Minister didn't go there. Europe was to make important decisions. It did. It decided to bribe African leaders – or rather heads of the gangs smuggling refugees, who hold the titles of Prime Ministers and Presidents. The gang-countries demanded 3,6 billion Euro for taking back invaders called refugees. The business didn't work out though. And not because of the morality, or concern for human rights. As simple as that – the mighty of this world found only 87 million Euro for saving Europe from the immigration disaster. Not a penny more. I will only remind that helping private banks cost the tax-payers 544 billion Euro, and buying debts from the Greek government summed up to 326 billion Euro. All of which under the common flag of solidarity.

Let's go back to the “cynical Polish government” - it doesn't want the flag, but it takes the money – said  Guy Verhofstadt, former Member of Euro-Parliment. Maybe we should stick another blue flag in the Baltic Sea – let it float along the German-Russian gas pipeline. Let's stick one in the new German mines being opened when we are forced to close ours. Let's give it to every refugee, all in all they have come here for the personal invitation of Chancellor Merkel. And finally – which flag should hang behind the President of France, when he promised Putin in Moscow to sacrifice Ukraine in return for help with fighting ISIS?

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