About us

The Warsaw Enterprise Institute is a foundation that concentrates on four policy areas that are key for Poland:

•    The State and Law
•    Security
•    The economy
•    Demography

The WEI carries out research, analysis and educational projects; it also publishes commentary, position papers, memoranda and reports.
The WEI is the exclusive Polish partner of the global Index of Economic Freedom published by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. It also conducts a range of other programs and projects, such as The Warsaw Network (a group of think tanks from the former Soviet bloc), The Baltic Desk (a program dedicated to the Baltic Sea region) and The Defence Desk (a program dedicated to Polish defence).

Since May 2014 the WEI has published a daily Internet news service covering its main areas of interest.

The WEI provides scholarly and expert support to the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

The WEI also includes the Program Council, comprising Prof. Wojciech Bien?kowski, Dr Przemysław Grajewski vel Z?urawski, Dr Hab. Jan Kłos, Prof. Witold Kwas?nicki, Prof. Dominika Maison, Marcin Piasecki, Prof. Zbigniew Rau and Prof. Bogdan Szlachta.

The president of the WEI is Prof. Robert Gwiazdowski, and the vice presidents are Andrzej Talaga and Tomasz Wróblewski.

Our guiding principles are formulated in the WEI DECLARATION,
in the programme memorandum of the agenda of DEMOGRAPHY.


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