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And again – no disaster

You have probably heard that Trump was supposed to surround himself only with flatterers without character, with people no one has ever heard of, and if so, what was heard was that they have no experience. Well, instead of an embarrassing cabinet, Americans have been presented a list of impressive names to take the highest posts in the country. Experienced, esteemed people, often the icons of the conservative movement. It is one of these rare, priceless moments when stunned CNN journalists discover: that Dollar hasn’t dropped and the stock exchange is getting stronger, or that Trump creates a professional government. Certainly the list isn’t a progressivist’s dream, but it is comprised of people who can keep American economy blossoming, and the US and its allies may feel safer. 

We don’t know the full team yet, but looking at the last nomination of James Mattise for the Minister of Defence, we can have a quite clear vision of Trump’s government. Strong people with own opinions, mostly representatives of conservative wing of the Republican Party. For instance, Betsy DeVos who is to be the Secretary of Education – a billionaire who financed a school voucher campaign from her own founds. State’s money is supposed to follow the child, and parents are to decide to which school will the child go. DeVos knows why does she go to the White House, and American public opinion knows that she will reach her goal.

There are many people on the list who were loyal to Trump from the very beginning, such as Michael Flynn, the National Security Advisor – a tireless defender of Trump during the campaign, or senator Jeff Sessions who has been appointed the Attorney General. Sessions has many enemies in the left side of the Congress, mostly because of his sharp tongue and his statements about ethnic minorities. He has big experience, however. Both as a judge and as a parliamentarian. In the Trump’s government, there will also be some of his former opponents. For example, Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina who, in the pre-elections, consistently supported Mark Rubio, and later Ted Cruz against Donald Trump. Now she will become the Ambassador to the UN. Tom Price will be responsible for health and social matters. And even though he isn’t from the Trump’s environment, he will be the one to dismantle the Obama-care. Elaine Chao will lead the Department of Transportation, probably she’s closer to Mark Rubio, or Ted Cruze. Not many people thought that Trump would dare to give posts to such strong personalities, with defined views, ready to firmly defend their opinions. 

Predictions about collapse of the Republican Party were also premature. Obviously, Trump wants to unite the party. He rely on people who would ensure continuity of the right side and, the most important, like all smart politicians he leaves no one on the right side between himself and the wall. It doesn’t mean though that Trump doesn’t reach for the the conservative part of the Democratic Party. He already did it during the election campaign by taking over farmers and significant part of the working class. Now he considers nominating Heidi Heitkamp, a democratic senator, to the position of Secretary of Energy. Alternatively, he considers Joe Manchin for this post. We still awaits the Secretary of State nomination, but only by looking at the list of candidates we already know that Trump doesn’t seek a puppet. The contrary, it will be someone experienced, someone realising his own program of foreign politics. So now you understand why there is so quiet and so little in the mainstream media about Trump’s new cabinet.  

By: Tomasz Wróblewski