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Wspólna Polityka Rolna do… zaorania

#WEI-idee Unia Europejska wydaje miliardy na rolnictwo w ramach Wspólnej Polityki Rolnej (WPR). Dla perspektywy budżetowej 2014–2020 nakłady na WPR wyniosły 37,8 proc. budżetu UE,

Summary – What regulations for cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity requires well-thought-out regulation that avoids attempts to centrally control technology development and fetishize procedures in the form of a security theater. Significant investment in

SUMMARY – Incomplete strategy

The government has announced the Demographic Strategy 2040, which is supposed to be an answer to the problem of the aging society and declining fertility

Summary – Social virus

The COVID-19 epidemic led to the most severe global crisis in decades and to an unprecedented social unrest. At the same time, it accelerated our

Health Care Collapse – Summary

The pandemic-related collapse of the Polish healthcare system resulting in one of the highest excess death rates compared to other countries in Europe – this

Statism: report synthesis

Why now about statism? “There is no better organism than the state for organising economic life”, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during of the congresses.

Dziedzictwo polityczno-prawne JFK

Sympatyków Warsaw Enterprise Institute z pewnością może dziwić publikowanie okolicznościowych treści o Johnie F. Kennedym (WEI było niedawno także partnerem konferencji o JFK na Uniwersytecie