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Clinton, Trump, and Kyiv in Between: What the U.S. Election Means for Ukraine

By: Mykola Murskyj, currently an intern at VoxUkraine, is a Master in Public Policy student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in International and Global Affairs, as well as a research assistant at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, where he investigates the peacebuilding process in the Donbas.

In a recent column for Foreign Policy, international affairs theorist Stephen Walt wrote about the collapse of liberal democracy across the West, now giving way to a wave of populism, violence, and autocracy in the very countries that helped create it. Against this background the United States will choose its next President in November, with a major concern being that American foreign policy will be affected by this growing illiberalism. This article addresses what the outcome of the U.S. election may mean for Ukraine.

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