Analysis on the future strategy of the White House

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Analysis on the future strategy of the White House during Biden Administration


On January 20, 2021 Joe Biden will be sworn in as America’s forty-sixth President. He will be taking the helm of a deeply divided country, as the United States works through the COVID pandemic and the attendant economic and social pressures that continue to fuel domestic polarization and will surely impact his policy agenda. President Biden will assume leadership of a nation scarred by the incessant partisanship of the past four years. Hence, domestically the new administration’s overarching challenge will be to heal as much as possible the internal divisions and restore a degree of consensus and compromise – a task made more challenging by the fact that Democrats remain polarized between their progressive left and the party’s traditional liberal wing. Likewise, restarting the U.S. economy after over a year of the “Great Suppression” will dominate Biden’s agenda. On the other hand, and notwithstanding the polarization at home, on the plus side for the incoming Biden administration the Democratic Party will at least for the next two years control all levers of government, including the executive and both houses of Congress. This will afford the Biden administration a degree of latitude on foreign and security
policy that would have been unattainable had the GOP managed to hold the line in the Georgia run-off and preserved a majority in the Senate.



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