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The European Union is pushing for the enforcement of the European Pillar of Social Rights with increasing force. This document lists 20 principles that are to shape a Social Europe. Unfortunately, in practice, the implementation of these principles may be to the detriment of the poorest EU member states. For example, the implementation of a “minimum income” could cost Poland as much as PLN 36 billion annually. The Warsaw Enterprise Institute is of the opinion that while the main objectives of Social Europe (equal opportunities on the labour market, fair working conditions, inclusiveness) are just, the path taken by the European Union to achieve them leads to the pauperisation of the middle class, the deterioration of the situation of the poorest Europeans, and the loss of competitiveness of European companies. The project is especially dangerous for countries that are still catching up with the richest economies. Poland should work out a clear position on each of the EPSR principles, taking into account its own social and economic interest.



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