Summary – Barriers and development opportunities for Polish companies in the Tree seas

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  • The Tree seas region constitutes the long-standing geostrategic ideas but is much more focused on economic issues
  • The structure of the Tree seas economies gives an excellent opportunity for synergizing its potential (relatively high level of industrialization, mature ICT markets, considerable space to be filled in professional and scientific services). Taking advantage of this circumstance may be crucial for building the economic strength of the region.
  • Polish entrepreneurs do not shy away from being active in the Tree seas markets. However, they do not perceive the initiative as a concrete entity. In their minds, the Tree seas is more of an abstract concept and individual member states treat it as such.
  • As a rule, foreign involvement of Polish companies does not result from a precisely drawn plan, and the major barrier to activity in foreign markets rarely stems from regulatory obstacles. The decision to start operations in another country is most often the result of pure chance, the human factor (establishing relations, getting along, etc.), and cool-headed business analysis.
  • Support for the development of the foreign activity of domestic companies may be achieved by increasing the competence and awareness of managers (and in a significant number of cases also the owners of the companies themselves), creating networking spaces, and providing easy access to knowledge about other markets.
  • In the case of stimulating closer economic cooperation within the Tree seas, the above-mentioned set of activities should be complemented by the inclusion of various institutions indicating its real nature.

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