[REPORT] Crisis or Propaganda? Attitudes of Poles towards the war in Ukraine Second Edition

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We present the second edition of the survey of Poles’ attitudes toward the war in Ukraine and refugees from Ukraine. Our study is narrowed to attitudes that, at least potentially, can be impacted by Russian propaganda. The study was conducted for us by Maison&Partners.

In September 2022 and January 2023, we asked a representative sample of 1,061 Poles to state their attitudes toward eight theses we selected that we considered consistent with the overall goal of the narratives that the Kremlin getting over abroad. The goal is to undermine support for Ukraine’s aid in Western societies and to create social tensions in the countries where war refugees have flocked. Some of these theses appear directly in the statements of Russian propagandists. We decided that an indicator of a trend negative for our country and Ukraine and favorable for the Kremlin would be an increase in the number of Poles agreeing with at least half of the stated claims.


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