[REPORT] Reformer’s Guide. What should the new government handle, and in what order?

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The wind of history has been blowing with greater force in recent years. Whether it will promote or delay the development of our country depends largely on how Poland is governed. In a word, the key to our prosperity is held by no one else but ourselves.

For years, the Warsaw Enterprise Institute, based on solid expertise and knowledge drawn from economics, sociology, history, and political science, has been preparing specific recommendations for public policies that will allow us to use this key to prosperity.

In this paper, we make recommendations for reforms in six areas: health care, the economy, justice, social policy, education and higher education, and energy and climate. We diagnose their current condition and identify two types of reforms: quick fixes that can be implemented without fundamental systemic change, and that produce tangible results, and systemic reforms that require a major overhaul of the system and comprehensive preparation. Our Guide is short, concise and clear in form. It is concrete designed for practical implementation, but based on thousands of pages of reports and analysis available at www.wei.org.pl

To find out how Poles perceive the problems afflicting them and whether the issues we see coincide with their observations, we conducted a survey with Maison & Partners. We asked respondents to rank public policy areas in order of urgency for reform and identify the most critical issues. It turns out that Poles are most bothered by the inadequacies of health care, the judiciary, and broad economic problems.

It is essential that, when approaching reforms, they are developed by social expectations about their overall nature. In this connection, we also asked Poles whether they prefer reforms to be built based on faith in the self-reliance and resourcefulness of citizens and entrepreneurs or a belief in state competence and regulation. It turns out that the most critical areas of the country’s life, and above all the economy, according to Poles, should be reformed by the spirit of freedom and giving power back to the people.

Our ideas will be a valuable inspiration for the new government ministers. All Poles are united by a common goal, i.e., the good of the country, but there is an emotional debate in the public discussion of specific solutions. However, we are convinced that our proposals are reconcilable with virtually every political worldview, except the extreme ones, and correspond to the real problems of our fellow citizens.

Poland needs changes that will increase its importance in the international arena, improve the prosperity of society, and guarantee the permanent legal protection of civil liberties and freedoms.


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