The Black Book of public expenditure

Doceniasz tę treść?

There are few issues on which, at least in theory, there should be general agreement across divisions. Certainly among them is the belief that money collected in taxes should be spent with head and in a way that serves all citizens. Unfortunately, they are not.

The Warsaw Enterprise Institute has prepared a “Black Book” of public expenditure. It is a collection of 49 pieces of evidence that the authorities, both central and local government, treat taxpayer money wastefully and thoughtlessly. Public toilets at the price of a Warsaw apartment, rolled-up roads and cold therms for hundreds of thousands of zlotys, delays in the execution of important investments costing hundreds of millions and empty train stations for billions? The authorities seem to think that the Polish taxpayer will endure all this passively and meekly. However, we hope that this is not the case.

We encourage you to read our latest publication, which is available for free in pdf format. You can download it by clicking the link below, as well as by visiting our website, where you will also find a plebiscite in which you can cast your vote for the 3 worst examples of wasting taxpayers’ money.

We want this initiative to stimulate public debate on the rational management of public funds, and to prompt action to increase transparency and efficiency in public spending.




You can watch the video from the English speaking part of the discussion about The Black Book HERE.

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