[REPORT] The undervalued family. How the family creates social capital and drives the economy

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  • The number of marriages in Poland is declining, which is one of the reasons for the demographic collapse: nearly three-quarters of children are born in formal relationships.
  • The value of the family goes beyond its procreative function. It builds and develops high-quality social capital.
  • Families manage available resources better than single-person households and are more likely to save.
  • Poles value family happiness most highly in their hierarchy of values, as it provides security, passes on good role models, and educates.
  • Parents are more likely to be professionally and economically successful than single people.
  • Most children are born in the highest-earning group, especially in self-employed families.
  • Young Poles postpone decisions to start a family because of fears of worsening material status and career obstacles.
  • Children from two-parent families are less likely to be ill than single-parent families.



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