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How to increase Poles’ salaries without raising costs for entrepreneurs? WEI with ZPP propose a tax revolution, in which PIT, CIT, Social Security and others should be abolished, replaced by new tributes, including taxation of wages, legal entities, IDGs and small companies, as well as a tax on dividends and a uniform VAT rate.

The original draft of the Polish Agenda “Wage+ Taxes-” proposed in 2017 closely followed the changes announced by those in power to introduce a single tax consuming PIT, as well as Social Security and National Health Insurance contributions. The concept presented at the Agency included a number of ideas on how to regulate this matter, and expanded on the original ideas from the announcements of some politicians. Ultimately, solutions of this nature never made it beyond the design phase. Unfortunately. This is because they could, with appropriate, prudent shaping of legal norms, have been a real revolution in our country, which would have significantly simplified the tax system and provided a sense of legal certainty.

Why is this so important? If only because in the annual International Tax Competitiveness Index 2023 ranking created by the Tax Foundation, Poland was ranked 33rd out of 38 OECD countries surveyed.

The Polish Agenda’s “Pay+Taxes-” program is still relevant, and the goal behind the original proposals remains the same – to simplify the tax system. As part of the reform, we propose the elimination of public tributes such as PIT, CIT, contributions to the National Health Fund, Social Security, the Labor Fund and the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund. Instead, we believe that taxation should be introduced: on wages, legal entities and taxation of IDGs and small companies, as well as a tax on dividends and a uniform VAT rate.



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