We launched a new podcast project!

Doceniasz tę treść?

Wolność w Remoncie joins forces with Radio Wnet, Igor Janke, Krzysztof Wojczal and Wojciech Siryk! QUALITY CONTENT is a collection of aspirational and upscale channels with complementary thematic profiles. Under “Q” we present a joint offer to advertisers, aiming to reach out to other external institutions, companies, as well as individuals who would like to promote us together. Our strength is a total of more than one million subscribers and nearly 80 million impressions in a year!

The official launch of our project took place on April 22 at the Freedom Light. The launch was preceded by a discussion among all authors about EU regulations on freedom of speech. Can directives and bans cleanse European languages of lies, misinformation and hatred? – I pay special attention to what is happening in the European Union, but also to what is happening in our country – said Tomasz Wroblewski, president of WEI, during the discussion. – Recently we had an unfortunate incident when one of the mayors of a district in Brussels was able to ban and expel a conservative congress a few weeks before the elections. This outraged a lot of people, and also the European Commission, although I don’t know why, because it is well in line with all subsequent EU regulations, directives and proposals (such as the DSA) when it comes to influencing freedom of speech – he added.

We are not changing and our podcasts remain where they were. However, the media and social environment is changing and requires us to interact more actively. We want to offer our listeners more interesting and inspiring serious content. More information on this soon!

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