Łukasz Warzecha

A columnist for “Do Rzeczy” weekly, “Onet”,”Rzeczpospolita” and  “SuperExpress”. He also writes for “Fakt” and for the portal of the Association of Polish Journalists. Author of videoblog, host of virtual programs “Polska na Serio” and “Podwójny Kontekst” (Double Context). (together with Prof. Antoni Dudek). He started his journalistic career in “Życie”. For 10 years he has been working as a commentator for the daily newspaper “Fakt”, then for the weekly “W Sieci” and “portalpolice.pl” On the Polish Radio 24 he hosted programs “Looking for a hole in the whole” and “Wróżenie z Faktów”. The author of the interviews with Radosław Sikorski “The decommunized zone” and with Lech Kaczyński “The last interview” as well as a series of conversations with the analysts of the Centre for Eastern Studies “Between Berlin and Beijing”. Member of the Arms Lovers Civic Movement. His second hobby is classical music, mainly baroque.

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