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[REPORT] The poorest will pay

Starting in 2029, the European CO2 emissions trading scheme is to cover residential heating and private transportation apart from industry. The Warsaw Enterprise Institute, in

Wealth of Nations Index. Edition 2023

This year’s (i.e., third) edition of the Index of the Wealth of Nations, like the previous one, covers all OECD and European Union countries. This

[REPORT] State of Play. Armenia–Poland

We present “State of Play” – a new series of publications on Poland’s economic cooperation with countries outside the EU. Each publication will present the

The Sly Santa Claus Report 2022

We don’t know where Santa Claus gets his gift money from. We know though, where the money for gifts to voters comes from for the

[REPORT] Common defense for Poland

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea and aggression against Ukraine in 2014, we have seen a definite deterioration of the security environment in Poland’s immediate

[REPORT] Stop poverty!

Addressing poverty issue needs no justification. Every hungry child and every pensioner who can’t afford medicine is a scandal. All good ideas for solving this

Emerging stronger from the pandemic

The conclusions Europe draws from the COVID-19 pandemic may be much more far-reaching than its immediate effects. Never in the history of Europe has the

Summary – Opening Balance Report

We present the seventh report in the Warsaw Enterprise Institute’s series “Opening Balance”, in which we diagnose Poland’s economic development in comparison with other European

Plough and oatmeal

Robert Gwiazdowski writes in his column for the Interia Biznes portal: The government can collect taxes, which I keep writing about here, because the economy


The financial system has experienced a period of revolutionary change for the past decade or so, largely due to emerging technological innovations. These changes were

Fair VAT – WEI and ZPP debate

Warsaw Enterprise Institute in cooperation with the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers organized a conference entitled “Fair VAT – a profit for all.” “The event

What does Kisiel say about this?

On the 30th anniversary of the death of the greatest non-conformist of the People’s Republic of Poland and apostle of common sense Stefan Kisielewski, we

Summary – What regulations for cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity requires well-thought-out regulation that avoids attempts to centrally control technology development and fetishize procedures in the form of a security theater. Significant investment in

SUMMARY – Incomplete strategy

The government has announced the Demographic Strategy 2040, which is supposed to be an answer to the problem of the aging society and declining fertility

Easy with Social Europe!

#StanowiskoWEI – English version The European Union is pushing for the enforcement of the European Pillar of Social Rights with increasing force. This document lists

The Wealth of Nations Index

Some economists claim: “The Gross Domestic Product that sums up the value of goods and services produced in a given country in a given year”.

Summary – Social virus

The COVID-19 epidemic led to the most severe global crisis in decades and to an unprecedented social unrest. At the same time, it accelerated our

Health Care Collapse – Summary

The pandemic-related collapse of the Polish healthcare system resulting in one of the highest excess death rates compared to other countries in Europe – this

Statism: report synthesis

Why now about statism? “There is no better organism than the state for organising economic life”, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during of the congresses.