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Goodbye to the Almighty Dollar?

The BRICS nations are currently working to develop a new international reserve currency, China and Russia have challenged the petrodollar, countries are diversifying their foreign

[REPORT] Common defense for Poland

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea and aggression against Ukraine in 2014, we have seen a definite deterioration of the security environment in Poland’s immediate

How the West Can Win the Peace in Ukraine

This war started because the rules-based order failed and force prevailed. Only force and the will to use it will bring stability. Wars capture the

[REPORT] Stop poverty!

Addressing poverty issue needs no justification. Every hungry child and every pensioner who can’t afford medicine is a scandal. All good ideas for solving this

Should Poland Build Refugee Camps?

The number of Ukrainians who are fleeing to other countries and who will become displaced will only continue to increase as the war wages on

Fit for Today

Russia’s attack on Ukraine creates a completely new environment and demands for the European Union’s energy policy. It is necessary to verify the Fit for

The Ukrainian vacuum

On the morning of 24.02.2022, what had been doubted the day before was confirmed. Russia, at the behest of President Vladimir Putin, has launched an

Emerging stronger from the pandemic

The conclusions Europe draws from the COVID-19 pandemic may be much more far-reaching than its immediate effects. Never in the history of Europe has the

Fair VAT – WEI and ZPP debate

Warsaw Enterprise Institute in cooperation with the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers organized a conference entitled “Fair VAT – a profit for all.” “The event

What does Kisiel say about this?

On the 30th anniversary of the death of the greatest non-conformist of the People’s Republic of Poland and apostle of common sense Stefan Kisielewski, we