D., sociologist, lecturer at the Department of Sociology at the UW, psychologist with a specialization in “Fostering Personality Development.” His research interests include social movements, morality, solidarity, and the relationship of social science to philosophy and theology. Fulbright Fellow at Columbia University, Joseph Tischner Fellow at the Institute of Human Sciences, board member of the Poland Great Project Foundation, cultural manager, author of documentaries (most recently “Key to Wojtyla according to Luczewski”). He has published the books “Odwieczny naród. A Pole and a Catholic in Żmiąca” (Torun 2012), which received the Stanisław Ossowski Prize for the best sociological book and the Father Józef Tischner Prize for the best Polish book in the humanities, “The Value of Landscape” (Warsaw 2011), “Solidarity Step by Step” (Warsaw 2015) and “Moral Capital. Historical Politics in Late Modernity” (Krakow 2017).

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