Pint of Answers is a series of 10 films in which we raise current issues concerning Polish economic life. The primary objective of the project is to improve the quality of public debate by promoting a common-sense approach to issues related to economic policy. The project was attended by dozens of experts representing various fields of science, business and a number of non-governmental organizations.

So far we have produced 10 episodes of the series Pint of Answers:

Pint of Answers #1 – Sin taxes

Pint of Answers #2 – Corporations and access to professions

Pint of Answers #3 – Minimum Wage And Welfare


Pint of Answers #4 – Inflation of Law

Pint of Answers #5 – Statism And Its Costs


Pint of Answers #6 – Are immigrants making us richer?

Pint of Answers #7 – Competition on the web

Pint of Answers #8 – Public debt vs. GDP

Pint of Answers #9 – Why do we need a labor code?

Pint of Answers #10 – The role of prices in the economy