Sara Bojarczuk

She holds a degree in Sociology from Trinity College Dublin (PhD) and a degree in Social Policy from the University of Bath (MRes). Her research interests include the sociology of migration, the family, the role of women in migration processes, especially the role of social networks, and the sociology of work. Her dissertation focused on the role of social networks in mobilizing support among Polish working mothers living in Ireland. Her research uses mixed-methods research and data visualization tools. In particular, her dissertation was based on generalization model and data quantification methods.

In previous projects, she has worked on issues such as digital inequalities and the impact of everyday activities on children’s development and their chances for a better future in the context of longitudinal research in a comparative perspective. Sara also has extensive experience working with migrants and collaborating with NGOs in Ireland and the UK. In her background as a researcher, she has participated in projects that focus on the mental health of migrants. She is also currently working with Ireland’s TASC Think Tank on a project that aims to benchmark the mental health activities of migrant institutions in Europe.

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