Iwona Wardzyńska

For over 20 years she has been involved in PR: the creation of the corporate image, coordination of social and media activities, organization of events, congresses, conferences, internal and external communication, and promotional support for start-ups. She has experience in Corporate Identity, branding, and rebranding. A graduate of Public Relations at the Warsaw School of Economics, marketing at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw, as well as courses and pieces of training in public speaking, advertising campaigns, time, team, and project management.

She worked her way up through all levels of a career in corporations, PR, and event agencies – from strategy specialist, through Media Manager, Product Manager, Company Spokesperson, PR Manager, Event Director to Project Group Director. She worked for Tanake Corp., Panorama Polska a GTE and Telia Company, later Eniro Polska, ING, Adam Smith Centre, MMT Management and PKO Bank Polski. She created such brands as PremiumBrand, WebStarFestival, Taste of Warsaw. She cooperated with graphic studios, television studios, interactive agencies, 360 advertising agencies, media houses, associations, and industry organizations: SAR, IAB, IAA, SMB, Ofbor, ZFPR. The companies for which she worked received a number of prestigious awards for their image-building activities: Company of the Year, Solid Company, Fair Play Company, and a special award Golden Screeds, one of the most significant distinctions in the custom press, for the entirety, multidirectional and consistency of communication. Currently, he runs his own PR company.