Olena Humeniuk

She has experience in the field of community and project activities at both local and state levels. She has worked as assistant director of the non-governmental organization Chamber of Tax Advisors, as deputy councilor and vice president for economic development and investment issues. She was involved in fundraising, coordinating local economic development projects; shaping and implementing investment policy; and was head of the development strategy planning writing working group. She is the advocacy manager of the Koalicja Reanimacyjny Pakiet Reform, coordinating projects at the state level.

She is a graduate of the Lane Kirkland International Scholarship Program, and has studied Poland’s regional development in cooperation with Professor Andrzej Miszczuk of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. She studied at the Faculty of Economics of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University under the scholarship program in the field of “Public Administration” and at the University of Warsaw in the specialty of “Project Management.” She has done a professional internship at the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy of the Republic of Poland, the Lublin Development Foundation and the Marshal’s Office of the Lublin Voivodeship.