Piotr Palutkiewicz

Vice President of the Warsaw Enterprise Institute. Economist. Graduate of Grand Valley State University (MPA diploma), Cracow University of Economics and Newcastle Business School. Participated in doctoral studies at the Collegium of Socio-Economics in Warsaw School of Economics. Former Director of Social Dialogue at the Związek Pracodawców i Przedsiębiorców (Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers) and Deputy Director of the Law and Legislation Department at the ZPP. Co-founder and former President of the Management Board of the Instigos Institute of Economics and Consumerism. Former research fellow at the School of Public and
Non-Profit Administration, Grand Valley State University, USA. Expert and manager in many non-governmental organizations. He also has extensive business experience in banking, energy, and media and as a consultant in numerous industries. Publicist and economic commentator. Passionate about theater (with experience on stage), film (awards in film competitions for amateurs), and music (as a listener – not a singer).

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