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Declaration | WEI


The vision of a Poland that is secure, economically strong and rich through the wealth of its Citizens will come to pass if we take on and resolve the key challenges that face us in the spheres of the state, its security, the economy and demography.


The main factor determining behaviours and attitudes is the law.

We will undertake and support activities aimed at improving the quality of the law and the process of its creation, implementation and application in court proceedings.

The law should be as simple as possible, and regulate the fewest possible areas of life.

We oppose over-regulation: the majority of economic and social life should be based on the Natural Order, and freely entered contracts and agreements, and disputes should be speedily and soundly resolved by independent courts.

We support a strong but limited State, focused on ensuring Citizens’ external and internal security, and the administration of justice.


The experience of history teaches us that first of all, we must rely on ourselves.

We support Poland’s participation in various defensive alliances and international organizations, but the key guarantee of Polish independence should be the Polish Armed Forces, capable of independently repulsing potential aggression.

We are advocates of a strong, professional army, capable of independently and successfully standing up to potential military threats.

Energy security is also an important element of national security: we should aim at diversification of energy sources and suppliers. At the current time, we should not bet on a single vision of the future, imposed from on high.

We are advocates of Poland’s presence in the European Union, as an economic commonwealth with the free movement of people, labour, services and capital – the goals that lay at the foundation of the Union. We do not support the concept of creating a single European state, which serves only the European bureaucracy. Without excessive emotions, in its foreign policy Poland should – like other countries – be guided first of all by its own political and economic interests.


Only a strong economy is capable of financing national defence, improving the quality of life and halting the process of depopulation.

We call for simple laws regulating economic activity, based on common sense and capable courts.

We are proponents of taxes that are, as far as possible, low, simple and inexpensive to collect, and that cause the least harm to the economy and the population. There are no good taxes: All of them are bad. But among the bad ones, some are particularly harmful, and these we will fight particularly firmly.

The government’s main instrument for supporting the economy should be the removal of bureaucratic barriers, ensuring an equal starting position and fair competition for companies, fighting monopolies and ensuring a sound justice system and application of the law.

Changes and reforms are also required in education, which should concentrate first of all on ensuring that graduates are employable. Taxpayers should not finance higher education (aside from a program of supporting exceedingly talented youth who are unable to afford their studies).


The realization of all the above goals is highly dependent on reversing demographic trends that are very negative for Poland.

This requires work to increase the birth rate and halt emigration, and a sensible immigration policy.

The State, and local governments, should work toward strengthening the legal and social position of the family, supporting higher fertility.

More of the money that Poles earn should be left in their pockets, so they can afford to have and raise children.

Poland should completely change its policy on social support of those with the lowest incomes, by ending nationwide solutions and conducting social policy from the lowest possible level of administration, directed only at individuals who need the support of the taxpayers.

We are proponents of common sense. We do not support or oppose any political party. We are ready to support various solutions that are beneficial for the country, no matter what the source.

Warsaw Enterprise Institute