How much do gifts
from the state cost us?

Ile nas kosztują
prezenty od państwa?

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Laptop vouchers for teacher PLN 677,5 mln Learn more
Laptop for student PLN 1,1 bln Learn more
13th pension PLN 13,6 bln Learn more
14th pension PLN 20,7 bln Learn more
Raising the minimum wage PLN 4,1 bln Learn more
Farmers' subsidies No. 1 PLN 10 bln Learn more
Farmers' subsidies No. 2 PLN 3,4 bln Learn more
Subsidies for energy-intensive industries PLN 5,5 bln Learn more
Subsidies for prosumers PLN 450 mln Learn more
Family Assistant in 2023 PLN 30 mln Learn more
Fire trucks for volunteer firefighters PLN 305 mln Learn more
Allowances for employees of nursing homes PLN 9,18 mln Learn more
Mortgage at 2% PLN 16,1 bln Learn more
Modernization of volunteer firefighter stations PLN 300 mln Learn more
Support for people with disabilities PLN 4 bln Learn more
PLN 4750*
- this is how much the taxpayer will pay for gifts that the government gave to Poles in 2023

cost per working taxpayer