Warsaw Coalition Meeting

The Warsaw Coalition Meeting is a project of regular meetings among free market and conservative circles in Poland.

The aim of the Warsaw Coalition Meeting is to exchange information about projects and activities of represented organizations as well as to source partners and built coalitions. These meetings are not open for complaints and arguing. We share experiences and look for areas of cooperation.

Members need to share some common values. We expect that free market, rule of law, individual freedom and private property are key ideas for every participant.  

Participation in the meeting is only possible on the basis of an individual invitation. Reunions are off the record and take place on the last Wednesday every second month. The speakers are the participants themselves.  
The project is a part of an international network of the Coalition Leaders Forum – www.coalitionleadersforum.com

The idea of coalition meetings was born in the United States. The first meeting was organized by the Americans for Tax Reform.

Currently, meetings are held regularly in several countries and only in America coalition meetings are organized in 48 states.
The network of the Coalition Leaders Forum is coordinated by Americans for Tax Reform and Atlas Economic Research Foundation.