How to combat migroaggression – The WEI position on the Belarus border crisis

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The Warsaw Enterprise Institute has postulated the introduction of a new category to define the aggressive hybrid actions undertaken by the Lukashenko regime. The attempts, carried out for several months now, to force the borders of Belarus with Poland and Lithuania using thousands of migrants have taken the form of military coordinated action. Only seemingly random groupings of citizens of Iraq, Syria, Ethiopia, Iran, and Egypt are coordinated by regular troops of the Belarusian special forces. All the time staying at the back of nomadic camps and persistently inciting migrants to storm the EU borders. The phenomenon sometimes referred to in the literature as the ‘weaponization’ of migration should be permanently introduced into the NATO and EU vocabulary as ‘weapomigration’ or migratory aggression or microaggression – a term best described in Polish as hybrid aggression using migrants.

Polish version is HERE.

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