WEI position on pro-fiscal state budgetary policy

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The Polish brewing market has been developing for over a decade, providing tens of thousands of jobs, selling Polish raw materials, and constituting a stable source of budget revenues. A good measure of its diversity and competitiveness is the number of new beers appearing on the market, which now exceeds 2,000, while only a few years ago it was around 1,000. The prices of kraft beers are not low, as their production costs more than average and the Polish consumer is willing to pay for quality – but his wallet is not infinite. The planned increase of excise duty on alcoholic products by 10 percent and additionally imposing a higher excise duty on sweetened beers will raise the final price of beer to a level unacceptable for many Poles. Together with growing producer inflation (increasing costs of production ingredients), this will reduce the industry’s profitability and contribute to the bankruptcy of many businesses. This will be another example of the fact that raising taxes is not a panacea for budget problems.

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