Warsaw Enterprise Institute launches a new project!

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The Warsaw Enterprise Institute, in cooperation with the Institute for Economic Research and Political Consulting (IER) from Kyiv, has launched a project entitled: “Ukraine path to the European Union. Polish accession experience”. The project’s main aim is to support the preparation of Ukraine and Ukrainian entrepreneurs for future membership in the European Union by analyzing the experience of Polish entrepreneurs in joining the EU.

We would like to point out the opportunities and challenges arising from EU accession for the Ukrainian economy, the need to adapt to the requirements of the free market economy, and the prospects for cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the common European market. We will focus on the sensitive sectors of the economy which, on the one hand, may pose significant challenges as potential areas of competition and disputes between Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs and, on the other hand, discuss those areas which may become a place of cooperation and mutual complementarity between our economies, such as:

  • energy;
  • food and agriculture;
  • transportation and logistics;
  • pharmacy and medical devices;
  • construction and building materials;
  • timber and furniture industry.


The project’s main target group will be Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs and their organizations. They will be able to realize the complexity of Ukraine’s accession process and the challenges facing the public authorities of both countries, European institutions, as well as Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Ukraine’s entry into the European Union and the opening of the flow of people, services, and capital will change Europe’s economic and political face. The basis for excellent and beneficial cooperation should be awareness of the challenges and adequate preparation for this process.

More information coming soon!

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